Our technology seeks the continuous improvement of products using inorganic chemistry. We develop in the laboratory, analyze reactions and look for solutions for each product in the market. With our nanotechnology, we develop additives that reduce mold, increase durability of products and protect them with antimicrobial action.

Tested in the laboratory by specialists, we verified the antimicrobial action in the treated part, which has its potential for contamination by microorganisms reduced and acts on the microbiological control between the sanitization intervals, reducing the consumption of inputs in the disinfection of the environments. For example, we have developed additives for wall paints that help increase paint warranty.

It is recommended to use our additive in the construction of places that require a high level of asepsis and hygiene such as hospitals and restaurants. Having in your company, in your establishment or office products with quality and protection of resistance and antimicrobials guarantees better quality of life for customers and employees.

Our additives, besides protecting with antimicrobial action, can be developed to extend the duration of products or protect them from the action of time and heat. We have been able to develop additives according to each product and the needs of each customer. It can be applied in paints, varnishes, floors, furniture, carpets, among many others without changing characteristics such as color and strength.


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