Our system is pioneer in packaging, which brings together nanotechnology to create and ensure more adequate storage for the product, ensuring greater security of the container for consumption and can result in a significant increase in shelf-life. Our additives function as barrier, absorbers, super hydrophobic and antimicrobial.

Adequacy of the assets for each package in a specific and effective way. We work in laboratories and with technical staff trained by chemical engineers, to analyze and identify each particularity of your product.

Using NANOX® nanotechnology, we ensure increased biosafety, reduced production costs, logistics and increased product life. Our success stories show how the product guarantee has increased due to the improvement of the protection of the packaging with a quality structure and the improvement of the use of the product, being perceptible in the eyes of its customers.

Suitable for rigid, flexible packaging or sealing and lids, our assets are suitable for contact with food, without interfering with its properties. In addition, it can be recycled without causing damage to the environment. A sustainable technological solution that benefits the environment, company, product and consumer.


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