Polymers & Plastics

Technology worked in detail to adapt to the needs of each product, seeking innovation together with our customers and improving daily. Additives developed water based, for those who want to improve the productivity and ownership of their materials. With NANOX® nanotechnology, your products will innovate in quality and sustainability.

Our qualified team will assist and supervise the project from start to finish to identify the properties of your product, what you want to improve and how it will be developed to achieve the best result. It can be applied in different materials and products, preserving its characteristics. We work with lines of kitchen utensils (such as knives and meat boards, pots and even plastic film), hospital and dental utensils, among many others.

Our additives are worked in laboratories and analyzed together with the product of our customers. We test and adapt after numerous analyzes, to guarantee the desire of our customers. With our additives, we can increase productivity, reduce aging, protect against heat and bring more comfort and practicality to the handling of the product.

We protect against heat with UV absorbers. We avoid yellowing with antioxidants, we guarantee better usability with anti-static, which prevent the plastic from sticking with the contact. We streamline production processes with flow and sliding auxiliaries, among many others.


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