Nanotechnology in fabrics, which adds benefits, durability and finishes with specific results while maintaining the integrity of the property’s color, breathability, shine or washability of your product. We can apply additives that control odor, heat and insects.

Our additive is odor controller that acts directly on the causes of bad odors, neutralizing and giving effect of proven duration. The formula is produced without the addition of any toxic product, and can be used in any type of fabric, especially in delicate fabrics that come in contact with the skin, such as sportswear, pros and even underwear and bathing suits. Highly efficient against broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and mites.

Utilizing natural properties and technology approved by the European Union and EPA, we developed a fabric technology to prevent crawling and flying insects. It acts as a neurotoxin in insects, interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses, causing paralysis and death of the insect (in case of persistent contact). It can be applied to any textile base, such as uniforms, bed linen, mosquito net, carpets, mattresses, tents, among others.

Application of a unique technology that consists of “micro mirrors” that reflect the electromagnetic radiation of the sun, resulting in a more thermally comfortable fabric and with greater protection against harmful action of UV rays. It provides more comfort and protection for the performance of outdoor activities, even under the sun. Recommended for production of curtains, uniforms of soldiers, suits of security, surfers, among others.


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