Nanox Clean

State-of-the-art technology, developed for you to attract who invests in prevention for health and quality of life.

High-tech, compatible, durable and safe antimicrobial protection.
The NanoxClean antimicrobial product line has been developed with state-of-the-art technologies to be added directly into the processing of materials with the benefit of making them more hygienic, creating efficient and natural antimicrobial barrier protection for your product. Their formulations can be supplied in various formats compatible with materials such as plastics, fabrics, coatings, papers, paints among others.
Used in several products, we make the evaluation of the project and adapt the additive according to each need, being able to be worked with several markets with food, packaging, hospital, construction and others. No negative impact on the characteristics such as color, transparency and mechanical properties in the final materials.

NanoxClean reduces the potential for microbial contamination and acts on microbiological control through the active surfaces of the treated materials. Materials containing NanoxClean have been extensively tested using internationally accepted methods. Exceptional activity against a wide range of microorganisms, thermal stability and durable protection.

Creates a protective barrier, for being:

  • Bactericide;
  • Fungicide;
  • Algaecide;
  • Insecticide;
  • Rodent repellent.

With low toxicity it is safe for use and handling, and created with the concern of not harming the environment.
High-tech incorporated antimicrobial product employing natural compounds, silver, as the active ingredient
Safe to use, migration free and non-volatile product (VOC free), according to ANVISA standards and regulated food contact assets by the FDA.


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