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NANOX® is headquartered in São Carlos, in the State of São Paulo, 236 km distant from the state capital. São Carlos is known for having large academic centers and for being the generator of knowledge and research with 4 universities amongst them the USP (Universidade de Sao Paulo) and UFSCar (Federal University of Sao Carlos), and 2 private universities. Famous in the exact sciences area, specifically in engineering. This is where one of the largest national nanotechnology company (connected to the branch of chemistry) was born, NANOX®.

NANOX® is a company that develops, produces and markets solutions for the nanotechnology industry.
The knowledge of nature in the service of life.

To be recognized worldwide for the expertise in developing and integrating nanostructured materials that provide innovative solutions for the industry.


NANOX® is the first and largest nanotechnology company in Brazil.
See the chronology of events below:
The classical model of innovation differs in NANOX® by the company's unique ability to transform knowledge into useful solutions of nanotechnology to improve the quality of life and competitiveness of businesses that adopt them.

The company has a highly specialized team that offers a technical, scientific and marketing knowledge that helps businesses from the initial ideation to the commercialization of products.

Its physical structure is composed of a modern production area with quality control, product development and technical support laboratories,. It also has an area dedicated to new business, B2B marketing support, and competitive intelligence.

Currently NANOX® is a corporation governed by the most modern corporate governance rules, with high levels of management and transparency.

NANOX® has an organizational structure called the Project Management Office (PMO) that provides centralized management of the portfolio of nanotechnology projects, aiming to support the decision.

Project support, training, consulting, asset management, implementation of methodology and standardization of processes are some of functions performed by the PMO.

Besides the methodological support, the PMO provides guidance (coaching) to executives and disseminates the culture of project management.
• Creation of NANOX®, with the initial name of Science Solution Ltd.

• Fapesp approves the company's first project and includes Nanox in the program of incentives to innovation for small businesses PIPE, which allowed the development of the nanostructured coatings

• Transfer of the headquarters of Science Solution to the incubator of São Carlos.

• Approaching with the Fund Novarum.

• Change of company’s name to NANOX®.

• Nanox receives funding from CNPq..

• Transformation NANOX® into an Inc.

• Signing of the contracts with the Fund Novarum and the first client, Taiff.

• Formalization of the company's management system, with the creation of the boards of directors and scientis.

• Finep allocates resources to its first economic subsidy to the company, which invests heavily in Research & Development. 
• NANOX® receives the FINEP Innovation Award, becoming the first nanotechnology company to be awarded by the institution

• NANOX® continues to invest in R & D, it makes its first significant investment in marketing and starts to engage more aggressively in the Brazilian market to expand their clients.

• Receives the Award Small Business & Big Companies - Growth category.

• Cited by the National Confederation of Industries (CNI) as a model business and receives a seal of the National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (ANPEI).

• Start the process of exportation of products with the NANOXClean® antimicrobial technology.

• NANOX® enhances the exportation of its technology to companies and reaches many countries through its partners.

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